“Snowrunner” (13.8k)

As of this writing, the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast U.S. are in the icy grip of yet another record-setting blizzard. This comes not long after a record drought in California last year.┬áThis repetitive cycle of lots of snow with nowhere to go in the Northeast followed by the increasingly parched, arid landscape of the American Southwest every year made me wonder just how long it would be before companies and governments started shipping New England snowmelt to SoCal cisterns. “Snowrunner” is the result.


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“The Moribund Maiden” (16.8k)

If you like steam-punk, turn-of-the-20th-century era history, bloody horror, and/or detective stories, there’s something in this tale for you. If you like stories crafted in the vein of Frankenstein’s monster, atypical vampire tales, mad scientists, and serial killers, there’s something here for you as well. Cast in the mold of a penny dreadful, “The Moribund Maiden” could very well be a true tale that was never told, the details of which were lost to the ravages of time and tide … until now. – DT


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